Posted on Jun 04, 2024

Who is Protecting Our Investments?

Who is Protecting Our Investments? | Interview with Amanda Senn

In this episode of the Cash Kid Podcast, we explore the importance of investment protection and scam prevention with Amanda Senn, the director of the Alabama Securities Commission. Learn about the role of the Securities Commission, real-world examples of its impact on preventing fraud, and how technology affects financial safety. Discover actionable tips on how to safeguard personal information, the significance of financial literacy, and the new financial education requirements for high school students. This informative episode aims to educate kids and adults alike on the essentials of financial protection and literacy.

00:00 Introduction: Who is Protecting Our Investments?

00:21 The Importance of Financial Education for Kids

00:58 Interview with Amanda Senn: Protecting Investments

02:09 Understanding the Role of the Securities Commission

05:24 Real-World Impact of Financial Fraud

08:14 Technology and Financial Safety for Kids

13:14 Promoting Financial Literacy in Schools

15:37 Final Thoughts and Encouragement

18:55 Conclusion and Disclaimer


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