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About the Show

Did you know that teaching kids financial literacy skills early on can set them up for a lifetime of success? Welcome to the Cash Kid Podcast, where we empower the next generation to become savvy money managers and future millionaires. Each episode is packed with practical tips, expert advice, and real-life examples to help you develop a strong financial foundation, no matter your age. From interviews with successful kid entrepreneurs and financial experts to deep dives into financial literacy and investing, you’ll learn the skills necessary to use your passions and skills to earn money and become a “Cash Kid.” As kids, time is on our side when it comes to investing, so the best time to start is today! Ready to start your journey towards financial freedom and become a “Cash Kid”? Subscribe today and join our growing community of young money masters. Together, let's build the skills and knowledge to create a brighter financial future for ourselves and generations to come. Remember, anyone can be a "Cash Kid" – you just have to learn how.

About the Host

Hey there! I'm the Cash Kid, a 6th grader with a burning passion for helping kids (and adults) unlock the secrets to financial success. I'm here to show you how you too can become a "Cash Kid" – a savvy young entrepreneur with the skills and mindset to turn your hobbies and talents into income that grows with you.

But what exactly is a "Cash Kid," you ask? It's simple: "Cash Kids" are the trailblazers of their generation, the ones who refuse to wait for adulthood to start building their empire. They understand that the key to financial freedom lies in harnessing their passions and skills to create multiple streams of income.

As a "Cash Kid" myself, I've learned that when it comes to investing and growing your wealth the earlier you start the better! I'm here to share my knowledge and experiences with you, to help you navigate the exciting world of investing and money management.

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Disclaimer: The information presented represents the views and opinions of the guest. This podcast does not intend to provide personal investment advice. This content has been made for informational and educational purposes only. To make a full and informed investment decision, we advise you to speak with a financial advisor, and for kids, definitely your parents first before investing.