Great Educational Podcast for Kids and Adults

What a great concept to start teaching financial literacy through a podcast hosted by a kid himself! Cash kid, you are on to something big. Can't wait to hear more!

Lifelong Learning
Lifelong Learning

I love the Cash Kid Podcast! Wish I had someone explaining these financial concepts to me when I was a kid! A great resource for parents and teachers! Thanks Cash Kid for an informative podcast that is explained in easy to understand manor!

Best Cash Kid Ever

I think it was amazing how you are so passionate and so dedicated to your podcast, this is the best podcast on spotify!

Great Podcast

This is the best podcast ever he works so hard on this podcast he is so dedicated to his podcast. I know he spends hours on making podcast videos.


This podcast has helped me learn so much about money and just everything that has to do with money. I will definitely be listening to this podcast in the future and appreciate you so much for doing this podcast. I know you put so much work with this podcast and you have so much dedication and I appreciate you doing this for all your fans. Thank you!!!


Love it, need it, want it!

tp kyle
Highly recommend this Cash Kid!

I highly recommend giving the Cash Kid a listen. I guarantee, young or old, you’ll learn something new each episode! Cash Kid breaks things down in an easy-to-understand way, and he appeals to listeners of all ages and stages. Cash Kid shares valuable financial education, which is truly needed by today’s youth! You won’t regret time spent listening to this podcast!

Indescribably Good!

This podcast was incredible! Cash Kid’s investing and financial advice surpasses all other monetary advice that you may have heard from such financial wizards as Warren Buffett or Dave Ramsey. Also, his youthful nature appeals to all of the youths and their parents. Overall, this ubiquitous podcast evokes ubiquitous praise from ubiquitous listeners. Lastly, this podcast’s appeal spans not only to homo sapiens but also to the canine world, more specifically, the greatest dog of our generation, Sundance, and her sidekick Emma. Five out of Five stars and would definitely recommend to everyone. Pound It! Noggin! See Ya!

Highly Recommend to All

A fun and educational podcast like this is a great resource for young and old alike. What a great concept to start teaching kids early about financial literacy and how they can put their money to work for them at a young age to grow their wealth from the start. Cash Kid for ever!

Cash kid is the best

This is my favorite investment podcast in the world!! This podcast is geared towards kids but it has some great advice for adults too. I love listening to it whenever a new episode comes out.