Posted on May 06, 2024

The Cost of a Puppy

The Cost of a Puppy: Understanding Ongoing Expenses and Building Financial Skills

Welcome back to season two of the Cash Kid Podcast! In this episode, we're diving into an important topic that all kids should be aware of – the cost of a puppy. While we may be tempted by the adorable faces and wagging tails, it's crucial to understand the difference between one-time purchases and ongoing expenses. Let's explore this concept and learn how to make informed decisions when it comes to our financial journey.

The Difference: One-Time Purchase vs. Ongoing Expense

As kids, we often don't pay the bills and may not fully grasp the concept of ongoing expenses. It's essential to be enlightened about the difference between one-time purchases and ongoing expenses before finding ourselves in debt or struggling to keep up with payments. So, let's break it down.

Consider a cell phone and a bike. A cell phone might seem like a one-time purchase, but in reality, it comes with an ongoing monthly expense. The advertised price for a phone might be enticing, but reading the fine print reveals that you're actually signing up for a long-term contract with the cell phone carrier, accompanied by a monthly plan cost. On the other hand, a bike is a one-time purchase, with occasional repair costs.

The Ongoing Expenses of Owning a Puppy

Now, back to the main focus – the cost of a puppy. Many kids dream of having a pet, but owning a dog comes with significant ongoing expenses. It's necessary to understand that a puppy is not a one-time purchase or truly "free."

Puppies can be an investment in terms of time, energy, and money. They require proper training, vaccinations, regular veterinarian visits, and ongoing preventive medications. Additionally, there are costs associated with feeding them quality food and, if necessary, boarding them when you're away.

It's crucial to realize that a dog's expenses go beyond the initial purchase price. Stories of friends who had to give away their pets due to unforeseen costs highlight the importance of being prepared for the financial responsibility of owning a dog.

Planning Ahead: The Cost of Owning a Car

Looking ahead to our teenage years, owning a car may seem like an exciting prospect. However, it's essential to recognize the ongoing expenses associated with car ownership.

Similar to a cell phone, purchasing a car often requires financing, resulting in monthly payments with added interest. Beyond the initial purchase, you need to consider expenses such as fuel, regular maintenance, car insurance, and various licensing and tax fees.

Thinking ahead and creating a budget and savings plan can help you prepare for the future costs of owning a car. By understanding the ongoing expenses associated with a vehicle, you can make informed decisions and avoid financial strain in the long run.


Being a Cash Kid means understanding the difference between one-time purchases and ongoing expenses. By gaining this knowledge early in life, we can become more financially independent and avoid unnecessary debt.

Whether it's the cost of a puppy, a cell phone, or a car, taking the time to research and comprehend the long-term expenses associated with our desired purchases enables us to make wiser financial decisions. It's essential to seek advice from parents, financial advisors, and conduct thorough research before making any major financial commitments.

Let's continue building our financial skills and educating ourselves to become financially empowered individuals. Remember, anyone can be a Cash Kid. You just have to learn how to become one!

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Understanding the difference between one-time purchases and ongoing expenses is essential for teenagers. In this blog post, we explore the cost of a puppy and discuss the financial implications of owning a dog. We also delve into other examples, such as cell phones and cars, to help young individuals make informed financial decisions. Join the Cash Kid movement and empower yourself with financial literacy!


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