Posted on Jul 09, 2024

Kids and Teens Buying Stocks and Investing: A Fun and Profitable Way to Grow Money

What Is Investing?


Investing means spending money with the expectation of achieving a profit. Just like adults investing in real estate to make a profit, kids can invest in the stock market to grow their money. It's all about putting your money into companies with the hope of getting a return on your investment in the future. Investing is a long-term game, and time is on our side as kids.

How Can Kids Invest and Buy Stocks?


For kids looking to invest in stocks, there are user-friendly apps like Greenlight that make it easy and accessible. Greenlight is a debit card and money app for families, managed by parents. It allows parents to transfer money from a checking account to their kids' account, assign chores, set savings goals, donate to charity, and, most importantly, buy stocks.

Through the Greenlight app, kids can research stocks, view charts, buy and sell stocks, and track their investment's performance. The app even enables them to buy partial shares, allowing them to invest even when they don't have enough money for a full stock. It's a great platform to get started on your investment journey!


The Importance of Being Informed


As an investor, it's crucial to stay informed about the companies you're investing in. Take the time to read articles from trusted financial sources like the Wall Street Journal and Barron's to understand what's happening in the business world. By being knowledgeable about current events and a company's financial reports, you can make informed investment decisions.

Remember, we're still kids, so it's not about spending hours a day researching stocks. A few minutes a day reading news articles can make a significant impact. Developing financial literacy skills and understanding the real-world connections will prepare us for a successful future as adults.




Investing in stocks is an excellent way for kids to grow their money and develop essential financial skills. By starting early and learning about the stock market, we can set ourselves up for a profitable future. Don't forget to consult a financial advisor or talk to your parents before making any investment decisions. Together, let's become savvy investors and make our money work for us!



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